Our technology is seamlessly integrated and certified with several proprietary systems, enabling a turn-key and cost-effective solution with a minimum need for customization.  We also stand ready to integrate to new service providers, and in many cases will not pass though any costs on our end in doing so.

Broker Dealer Product Suite

Customer Web Portal

Gain brand identity, and administer your own customer friendly front-end to display Balances, Positions, History, and Market Data. …. read more

In-House Trade Manager

Take control away from your trading system vendors, and process your own end-of-day files to your clearing agent.¬† Enjoy reporting and flexibility you didn’t know existed ….read more

Portfolio File Manager

Pull in daily Balances and Positions from your clearing and portfolio systems, and push them to your trading platforms and other vendors¬† ….read more

Trade Tracker

Our post-trade monitoring system shadows all your firm’s trading activity across all your trading systems, consolidating activity in a web or software based dashboard ….read more

Prime Brokerage Reporter

Our customer facing front end is a turn-key back office solution for brokers wishing to offer Prime Brokerage clearing to their customers ….read more